SICKWEAR Christmas 2015 Design Announcement

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October 27, 2015
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February 12, 2016

Santa is going to put coal in all of our stockings for this new SICKWEAR design.


August Underground’s PENANCE “My Mommy was Raped Here”


This fucked up Christmas design will be available for Pre-order November 1st through Friday November 13th. By ordering within this time frame you will have your shirt shipped no later than November 20th. Definitely plenty of time to wear and offend before Christmas. If you live in the USA you might even be able to wear it on Thanksgiving. Wouldn’t your family love that.

Christmas 2015 Mommy Rape T-shirt Green

Unisex T-shirt in Christmas Green

Christmas 2015 Mommy Rape T-shirt Black

Unisex T-shirt in Black

Girly T-shirt in Christmas Green

Girly T-shirt in Black

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