“The Resurrection Game” DVD

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July 8, 2014
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July 8, 2014
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“The Resurrection Game” DVD


Signed by Mike Watt & Amy Lynn Best

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The first feature from Happy Cloud Pictures. Written and Directed by Mike Watt. Starring Ray Yeo, Kristen Pfeiffer, Francis Veltri, Amy Lynn Best, Bill Homan and featuring NecroPhil. Special appearances by Jasi Cotton Lanier and Debbie Rochon.

In the future, the walking dead are an every-day nuisance. An ex-police detective is hired to discover the cause of the undead “Infestation”. His investigation leads him to a discredited scientist, and together they uncover a conspiracy that reaches far beyond the zombies. Teaming up with a pair of bickering exterminators, the heroes find themselves up against a multinational corporation who may just be behind the “Infestation” themselves.

Filming began in Summer 1997 in Southwester PA. The Resurrection Game took 3 years to film due to scheduling and cast complications. The Resurrection Game has won awards including Best Production at the Pittsburgh Filmworkers Film Festival.


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