“Sella Turcica” Cast & Crew Autographed DVD

“Paranormal Captivity” DVD
July 5, 2015
Sella Turcica Camille Keaton Signed Feature
Camille Keaton Autographed “Sella Turcica” DVD
August 10, 2015
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“Sella Turcica” Cast & Crew Autographed DVD


What’s the matter with Brad? Find out with this signed and numbered DVD.

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These are the remaining first 1000 copies. The DVD covers are numbered and signed by the cast and crew.

These DVDs are not signed by Camille Keaton.

Directed by Fred Vogel

Sgt. Bradley Roback (Damien A. Maruscak) returns home from active duty after a mysterious accident leaves him paralyzed. Awaiting his return, his mother, Karmen (Camille Keaton), and younger sister, Ashley (Jade Risser), remain unaware of the details of the accident and severity of Brad‘s condition. Once he arrives, though he looks sickly, his family members are pleased to see him alive and don’t bring attention to his ill appearance. Over the next twenty-six hours Brad’s condition terribly worsens, barreling down to a gruesome conclusion that will change the family forever.

Commentary Track by Director Fred Vogel and actor Damien Maruscak (Brad Roback)
Deleted scenes
Outtake reel
Behind the Scenes EFX featurette
Still Galleries

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