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July 7, 2014
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“Scienceless Fiction” DVD


signed by Bill Zebub

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Bill Zebuh was inspired to make a spoof of old science fiction movies that had spaceships on strings and other bad effects.  He was careful not to write anything that was similar to“Lost Skeleton of Cadavera” which is a comedy masterpiece.  Also, the movie was to be in color.

As Bill Zebub pondered what science fiction really is, he considered the qualities of Stark Trek, the original television serioes.  The episodes had social messages.  What if the movie contained antiscocial messages?  Of course, that was just the typical anticlimactinc humor that Bill Zebub likes, but the joke didn’t leave his attention.

One of the traits of a Bill Zebub movie is iconoclasm.  Euripides is one of Bill Zebub’s heroes.  How could this movie become iconocalstic. at least, COMICALLY iconocalstic?  The answer need only be found in the hot-button issues of this era.  Topics like affirmative action, the muticultural agenda, terrorism, and indeed many others make it easy to write an offensive story.  (* by the way, Bill Zebub believes that smart people do not become offended.  He uses the word “offensive” to describe a spicy type of comedy)

As much fun as it is to counterbalance the brainwashing of the American press, Bill Zebub originally wanted to spoof the ignorance of American science fiction.  American movies have no science in the science fiction.  Some movies even go so far as to misreperesent science or to popularize imbecilic notions.  That had to be stitched into this spoof as well.

So the main plot is about a spaceship that is run by minorities, but because they outnumber whites, they are referred to as “majorities” and, as you might expect, the captain is black.  Bill Zebub plays this captain as the beloved blackface character “Kapeesh” who found his audience inSTEREOTYPES DON’T JUST DISAPPEAR INTO THIN AIR.

The negro was promoted to the rank of captain purely out of politics, not because of merit.  Uniforms are considered racist, so the majorities are allowed to wear the baggy and gaudy clothes of their species – yes, they wear clown costumes to exagerrate this point (science fiction movies overemphasize ideas that you should pay attention to, ha ha)

The inept captain strands the ship in space, and a crew of throwaway people (whites) are dispatched to land on a nearby planet to figure out w way to either communicate teh distress to nearby allies, or to discover a solution on the planet.

The caucasion crew are highly educated, but they have no rank.  In the distant future caucasians are despised.

The inferiror crew discover a time-travel portal.  Each will go to a different era of Earth history.  But they don’t just want to fix the problem of a stranded ship.  They want to destroy affirmative action before it destroys humans.
Ia that offensive enough for you?  As mentioned previoously, intelligent people do not get offended.  But brainwashed people do.  Bill Zebub has made some tests on social media sites to figure out how indocrination can make seemingly mature people into emotional idiots.  Knee-jerk reactions will prevent such people from enjoying the humor, and also from seeing the actual messages of the movie.  Although the movie will be homestly marketed, with warnings in place for, shall we say, douchebags, it is impossible to prevent shallow thinkiers from seeing the movie (by the definition, their comprehension is too shallow for them to understand the warnings and descriptions).  So be prepared to see this movie geet banned.

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