Lunchmeat Issue #7

Suicide Machine by Mike Watt
November 30, 2013
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November 30, 2013
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Lunchmeat Issue #7

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Magazine about VHS culture.

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Straight from the meat:

That’s right, Tapeheads! It’s our thickest slab o’ analog obsession yet, jam-packed with 50+ pages of video era celebration including in-depth reviews of the analog-only delights Double Trouble, The Shout, Thunder Warrior II, Hunter’s Blood , Tombstone Territory, Project Nightmare, and a whole mess more! No kiddin! Also on the menu for this issue we’ve got interviews with Aussie auteur Brian Trenchard-Smith rapping about his video-only gem The Quest, video era heavyweight Jeffery Obrow tells us all about his expansive genre career with flicks like The Kindred, The Power and The Dorm that Dripped Blood! Character actor extraordinaire Eddie Deezen nerds out with us about VHS tapes and space travel, Sam Sherman gives us the skinny about the history of Super Video and Liane Curtis delivers the low down on what it’s like being everyone’s favorite girlfriend from hell! YES!
But wait… there’s more?! MUCH MORE! You’ll also be able to sink your tape-loving teeth into Rob Hauschild’s Christian Scare Edition of Tapes from the Trash (Hallelujah, Videvores!), Matthew Dilts-Williams details the history of Thriller Video complete with a nifty collector’s checklist, and we explore the incredible VHS-oriented documentary Chuck Norris vs. Communism with director Ilinca Calugareanu! You’ll also be able to brush up on some TLC for your VCR when Uncouth gives you some groovy insight on how to keep your playback machine happy, healthy and full’a magnetic magic for years to come! DIG IT!
And, as always, that nasty Crossword Troll is back with his crossword o’ cannibalism. Defeat him, and win PRIZES! That’s right: I’m talking VHS tapes and candy and all kinds of cool stuff, man! What other delectable video vittles await you in LUNCHMEAT # 7? To find out, you’ll have to grab one… before it grabs YOU! Strictly limited to 1000 copies!

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