“Jesus the Daughter of God” DVD

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April 17, 2013
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April 17, 2013
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“Jesus the Daughter of God” DVD


 A gogo dancer accidentally quantum-leaps into the body of Jesus.  She doesn't believe that the phenomenon is real, so she has fun twisting biblical events.

Enjoy appearances by members of Cannibal Corpse and Tyr, as well as some Irishmen best left for you to sleuth the band affiliation…


This movie was a lot of fun to create.   It was necessary to do something comedic after having worked on the dark material for “Disgruntled Employee” which is probably the most vile story in the Bill Zebub catalog.

So how is this movie different from “Jesus, the Total Douchebag” or “Zombiechrist” ?

The first thing that Bill Zebub decided to to was to have as many  “new” a cast as possible while still inviting people whom fans have grown to love.  If someone had a big part in the aforementioned movies, that person couldn't have a big part in this one.  It was tempting to break that rule, especially in the case of Lydia Lael, who played “Judas” previously.

During production, Bill Zebub began using an HD camera.  He  had previously shot some footage in standard definition, and he considered shooting the rest in the same resolution, but since only 3% of the material was in the standard grade he decided to try out the new hardware.  It can be said that this is the first HD Bill Zebub movie.  The DVD comes out in April, and the HD version will be available through various video-on-demand outlets. Blu(e)ray is part of the contract, but no date has been set for that release.

Bill Zebub has always been baffled by people who get overly offended.  If he doesn't like something, he walks away from it, and he cannot understand why others continue to dwell on things that upset them.  When he named the movie “Jesus, the Daughter of God” he had the intention to ATTRACT people who love this kind of humor (not to REPEL those who don't).  In his mind, only an idiot would buy it and THEN get offended.  The title pretty much lets you know if this movie is for you, or not.

But there are christians who do not tolerate certain personality traits, and they tirelessly hunt and persecute.  Some of Bill Zebub's movies have become targets of the witch hunts, and the christians were successful in getting the movies removed from certain merchants.  The bizarre part of this ordeal is that the christians never actually watched any of the movies.  Some of the movies were attacked purely based on the title, like “Jesus Christ: Serial Rapist” (which actually has nothing to do with Jesus, as the synopsis clearly states).  They also got “Forgive Me for Raping You” banned from some shops, saying that it glorified child molestation.  Again, they never watched the movie.  There are no children in the movie, nor are men raped.   If the christians want to point the finger they should aim at their own priests, who actually commit those crimes in real life.  But even if the movie depicted such actions, it would still be a legal art form.  It is scary how some people actively try to ruin the lives of others, all in the guise of morality.  It is sinister.  Did you know that it has gotten to the point where certain credit card processers refuse to complete transactions for movies on their no-no list?  How can this happen in a free society?

Despite the backlash that Bill Zebub will get for this movie, he cares more about entertaining the fuck out of you than about going bankrupt.  Again, you know by the title whether or not you will like this.  There's no surprise.  There's no guile.  Bill Zebub does not want anyone who is narrowminded to watch this movie.  The comedy is just for kindred spirits.

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