“Indie Director” DVD

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July 7, 2014
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“Indie Director” DVD


signed by Bill Zebub

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In 2006 Bill Zebub shot a comedy about the making of a horror movie, and this was titled “ASSMONSTER” – a title that gave a lot of would-be viewers the wrong idea, but that didn’t stop the movie from playing at the Fantasia Film Festival as well as the Hollywood Film Festival.

   This story, simply named “Indie Director” is about an auter who refuses to compromise his values, but this is not a Disney movies.  His values are about criticizing beliefs and policies, as well as about shocking the hell out of people in order to make them think.  He will never cater to people who have a short attention span, nor brainwashed conformists, nor will he dumb down his scripts.  That is, until one of his experimental movies explodes on the adult industry scene (even though it isn’t porn).  When he makes another movie to capitalize on the success, he doesn’t realize that he has compromised.

   The story is not just his.  This movie invites you to take a look at the world of microbudget indie cinema.  The point is to entertain you while also teaching you some insider knowledge.  You’ll love this story even if you don’t care about the genre, but if you are part of the industry, you will hail this as your video bible.

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