“I AM NO ONE” 2-Disc DVD Set

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August 11, 2015
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August 11, 2015
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“I AM NO ONE” 2-Disc DVD Set


Hand signed by director, Jason Hoover.


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There were 506 murders committed in Chicago, IL last year. Only 129 were solved. Welcome to the horrifying world of Charles Lake.

I AM NO ONE takes viewers inside the chaotic world of Charles Lake. A normal enough man by day, Lake opens up to the camera at night to reveal his darker side. I AM NO ONE puts you up close and personal with a killer. Walk with Lake as he stalks his prey, stand over his victims as they lay dying, listen as Lake describes in detail how and why he is a monster. This film is an unflinching view into the mind of a serial killer.

TOETAG is thrilled to announce our third, and final, Films from the Underground release of 2014, Jason Hoover’s, I AM NO ONE, Signed Special Edition Two-Disc DVD. We have known Jason for a long time and have watched his passion grow from attending conventions to the major force he has become. Hoover, the man behind JABB Pictures, works tirelessly on his craft and promoting the underground horror scene. We couldn’t be more proud to have him, and his film, I AM NO ONE, as part of the TOETAG Family.




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A message from Jason Hoover of JABB pictures –

Having my film distributed by TOETAG is an incredible honor for me. They are the pioneers of indie horror and continue to set the trend for today’s scene. I started my Filmmaking journey at a TOETAG table. I am a Filmmaker because of Fred Vogel. The fact that they have now deemed my work worthy of the TOETAG seal of approval is something I could have never conceived when I set out. I hope that along with the prior releases from Adam Ahlbrandt (Cross Bearer) and Keith Voigt Jr. (ArME, LUST), I can help TOETAG continue to build their distribution wing into the monster that it deserves to be. I’m proud to be a part of the TOETAG family and look forward to Spreading The Sickness forever.

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