Exploring the Underground: The Mainstream Viewer’s Guide to Low Budget Horror Cinema

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Exploring the Underground: The Mainstream Viewer’s Guide to Low Budget Horror Cinema


Signed By Author: Mario Dominick

458 pages

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-Mike Watt & Amy Lynn Best of Happy Cloud Pictures (The Resurrection Game, Severe Injuries, A Feast of Flesh, Splatter Movie: The Director’s Cut, Demon Divas and the Lanes of Damnation, and Razor Days)

-David & Diana Silvio of Kiss of Death Productions (Meat for Satan’s Icebox and Fetish Dolls Die Laughing)

-Jason Martinko, Pittsburgh Musician and Filmmaker (Director of Gone the Way of Flesh)

-Paul Gorman of GMD Films (House of Bedlam, Fury, Virgin Pockets, Blood of Ohma, etc.)

-Ryan Cavalline of 4th Floor Pictures/Raw Footage Films (Dead Body Man Trilogy, Aspiring Psychopath, Stockholm Syndrome, The Great American Serial Killer, Mountain Devil, etc.)

-Jeremy Wallace, Vice President In Charge of Production, Distribution, and Marketing for Eric Stanze’s Wicked Pixel Cinema (makers of Savage Harvest, Ice from the Sun, Scrapbook, Deadwood Park, Ratline, and the upcoming In Memory Of)

-Joe Knetter, Horror Author, Screenwriter, and Actor (starring in Doomed to Consume, Pajama Party Massacre, Terror Overload, Strip Club Slasher, etc.)

-Andy Copp, Ohio Filmmaker (The Mutilation Man, Black Sun, The Atrocity Circle, Quiet Nights of Blood and Pain, etc.)

-Fred Vogel of TOETAG Inc. (August Underground Trilogy, The Redsin Tower, Murder Collection V.1, Maskhead, Sella Turcica and the upcoming Pittsburgh Body Removal)

-Brian Paulin of Morbid Vision Films (At Dawn They Sleep, Dead Girl on Film, Bone Sickness, Fetus, Blood Pigs, Cryptic Plasm, and Morbid Tales)

-Ron DeCaro of For the Better of Mankind Productions (The Brightside Trilogy [Eating Razors, The White Lie, and The Gateway Meat], Emancipation, and the upcoming Halibut Point)

-Ryan Nicholson of Plotdigger Films (Torched, Live Feed, Gutterballs, Hanger, Star Vehicle, Famine, Dead Nude Girls, Collar, etc.)

-Michael Todd Schneider of MagGot Films (I Never Left the White Room, A Tribute to Sanity, …And Then I Helped, Let’s Make… A Horror Movie, Our Devil’s Night, Opening the Mind, etc.)

-Manoush, Actress of German gore films (including Timo Rose’s Barricade, Fearmakers, Game Over, and Unrated: The Movie, Marcel Walz’s La Petite Mort, Marc and Lars Rohnstock’s Necronos, etc.), Voiceover artist (for Marian Dora’s Cannibal and Andrey Iskanov’s Philosophy of a Knife), and star of American low budget horrors (including The Turnpike Killer and The Super)

-Ron Bonk of Sub Rosa Studios (SRS Cinema, LLC) (Director of The Vicious Sweet, Strawberry Estates, Clay, Ms. Cannibal Holocaust, and She Kills)

-Matthew Reel of Master Reel Productions (Jessicka Rabid, The Goat Sucker, Bath Water, etc.)

-Isabelle Stephen, Filmmaker and Actress (starring in SV Bell’s Cold Blonded Murders and She Demons of the Black Sun, Glen Baisley’s Sins of the Father, Luc Bernier’s Diary of Nightmares, Troma’s Tales from the Crapper, etc.)

-Andrey Iskanov, Russian Filmmaker (Nails, Visions of Suffering, Philosophy of a Knife, and Ingression)

-Bill Zebub, New Jersey Filmmaker (Disgruntled Employee, Dirtbags, Rape is a Circle, Dolla Morte, Breaking Her Will, I Told You Not to Call the Police, Rap Sucks, Night of the Pumpkin, etc.)

-Andrew Allan & Andy Lalino of Film Ranch Entertainment/Cult Movie Mania (makers of Filthy and Brainjacked and producers of Herschell Gordon Lewis’s The Uh Oh! Show)

-Chris Seaver of Low Budget Pictures/Warlock Home Video (Happy Helladays, Sexsquatch, Close Encounters of the Inbred Redneck Kind, Ski Wolf, Filthy McNasty, Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker!, etc.)

Cover art credit goes to Ed Quillin.
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