Chi Guy: Weapon of Mass Decibels

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Chi Guy: Weapon of Mass Decibels

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This fascinating and fun documentary takes you deep into the world of Alan Wilensky, who calls himself the Chi Guy and claims to be a master of tai chi and to hold the record for having the highest and loudest voice in the world. Wilensky stares directly into the sun to absorb its energy, discusses his ability to self-heal and move objects with his voice, talks about his near-fatal accident and demonstrates his earsplitting vocal ability.

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CHI GUY: WEAPON OF MASS DECIBELS is the story of Alan Wilensky aka The Chi Guy, a self- proclaimed master of tai- chi and record holder of the person with the highest and loudest voice in the world. Many may cringe but still watch fascinated as Alan demonstrates his skills in this insightful and at times hilarious documentary that will equally captivate or agitate viewers across the globe… especially in China. Where some have argued he is tampering with a time-honored martial arts.

Alan Wilensky does exactly what our parents told us not to do, he stares directly into the sun for long periods of time. Why? He believes the sun transfers energy directly to him, to his Chi. What follows will challenge many viewers as Alan gives demonstrations through the film of the power of his voice. Attacking the audience vocally with Turbo Roars, Sonic Horns and ear splitting chi shouts we’re given insight into the world of a man many would consider mad. And maybe he is and like all of us he is a man with unknown destiny but unlike many of us he has uncovered his unique talent , gift or some would say strange affliction.

Throughout the film we learn of Chi Guy’s near death accident, his power to self heal and his ability to move objects with his voice just to name a few.

Many may argue to the stability and credibility of the Tai- Chi extraordinaire… but you will no doubt be talking about CHI GUY: WEAPON OF MASS DECIBELS.


Directed By: Chris Ivey
Release Date: 2008-06-28
Running Time: 1:01
Content Rating: PG14 (Parental Guidance)
DVD Region: 1 – U.S., Canada, U.S. Territories
Media Format: NTSC-DVD
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Audio Language(s): English



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