Murder Collection v.1

Directed by: Fred Vogel
Running time: 82 min
Release Date: 2009
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Plot: The film's opening explains that in 1994 a web series called Murder, which showed footage of actual deaths and acts of violence, appeared. After being active for four months, Murder was shut down by the authorities and all its content confiscated, though the host, a man simply known as Balan, evaded capture and identification. Now, years later, Balan has reemerged to show off more footage he has collected, and offer commentary on people's obsession with death, the effect it has on them, and how accessible new media has made it. The series of videos is kicked off by Balan stating, "I ask you all... Why are you watching? Are you trying to find reality? Do you feel the need to be shocked? To witness something that human eyes shouldn't see? Murder is reality. Death comes when...

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