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October 19, 2015
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October 23, 2015

There have been films about Frankenstein since the Silent Era with Edison's Frankenstein in 1910 and now in 2015 Victor Frankenstein is ready to hit theaters proving there is no slowing down the story of Frankenstein. Written by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley in 1818, Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus has been influencing the culture for almost 200 years, I too plan on making my Frankenstein film in the near future. So here is my top 5 favorite Frankenstein films.

1) Frankenstein
Directed by James Whale, 1931

No brainer here (no pun intended). This was my first horror film so I hold it very close to my black heart. The monster’s make-up created by Jack Pierce is so iconic and has influenced me more than anything. The first time I saw Karloff as the monster it stopped me right in my tracks. I didn’t know what I was seeing but I loved it. I knew there and there that I wanted to make monsters.

2) Bride of Frankenstein
Directed by James Whale, 1935

Sure it’s a better movie than the original. Once again Jack Pierce out did himself on the make-up for the Monster and his Bride. James Whale masterfully directed this groundbreaking film. It has a different tone than the original and I think it helps the sequel in so many ways. Bride added the comedic element that made the characters of Minnie and Dr. Pretorius fun and stand out.

So this is my list. You can’t go wrong watching a Frankenstein film. Have fun and see which is your favorite.

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