August Underground’s PENANCE

Directed by: Fred Vogel
Running time: 84 min
Release Date: 2007
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Plot: August Underground's Penance continues the series's narrative mode of showing the lives of serial killers (now just Peter, and his girlfriend Crusty) through their camera, though this installment abandons the "degraded footage" aspect employed by the first two films, being shot in high-definition.

After killing a man who breaks free of his restraints and tries to escape them, Peter and Crusty visit various locations in town, and enjoy some fireworks at a celebration. Peter is then shown in his basement, taunting a semi-conscious man who has had nails hammered into various parts of his body. Next, Peter and Crusty go on a hike, assault a vagrant they find sleeping under a bridge, and cut a man open so they can pull his gurgling intestines out. The two then attend a party, where Peter does drugs, Crusty flirts with other women, and a live rat is fed to a pet alligator.

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