August Underground’s MORDUM

Directed by: Fred Vogel
Running time: 77 min
Release Date: 2003
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Plot: Like its predecessor, Mordum is presented as a degraded home movie shot by serial killers, in this case returning character Peter, his sadomasochistic girlfriend Crusty, and her sexually depraved manchild brother Maggot (the status of the cameraman from the first film is unrevealed).

After Peter walks in on Crusty and Maggot having sex, an argument erupts between him and Crusty, but it is quelled when Crusty sexually arouses Peter and herself via self-mutilation with a piece of glass. The two then break into a crack house, where Peter beats the owner to death with a hammer, while Crusty films the filth-encrusted building, and the decaying corpse of an overdosed addict.

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