A Message from Fred

October 17, 2015
Fred and Frankenstein Feature Image
Fred’s 5 Favorite Frankenstein Films
October 21, 2015

Greetings Sicko’s, I hope you are all enjoying the new TOETAG website. I’m really digging the layout of this new site especially now that it is more compatible with your mobile device. The site is going to continue to grow, as we will be adding much more content, store items, and videos. We are even thinking about bring back the TOETAG Forums. As we celebrate our 13 Year Anniversary this new website is just the beginning to what we have in store for you.

We’ve come a long way from me selling August Underground out of my backpack at horror conventions to now having our own storefront in Pittsburgh. TOETAG RELEASING is growing with our latest release of Eric Stanze's DEADWOOD PARK in a 2-Disc Collectors Edition DVD. Our clothing line TOETAG SICKWEAR is killing it with new designs for our 13 year Anniversary shirts from artist's Earl Kess, Lou Rusconi, Steve Bejma, Ed Quillin, and Paul Naylor. Our brand, DIY work ethic, and passion at TOETAG has influenced and inspired the next generation of filmmakers and artist to get out there and Spread the Sickness. I couldn’t be more excited as TOETAG continues to grow into the next era of our legacy.

As I reflect on the good, the bad and the gory, I would like to thank my TOETAG Family and all the amazing artist’s who have worked creatively with us through the years. To our fans and supporter’s from all over world thank you for believing in us and sticking with TOETAG for over a decade. I know TOETAG has made an impression you and I know in my heart that we will be leaving a bloody gaping wound in the history of Horror.

So stick around and enjoy the site and again thank you for Spreading the Sickness.

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